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Journey Through The Song of Songs

Song 1:1-4

1The Song of Songs, which is Solomon’s.

The Woman Speaks of Her Lover


2 Let him kiss me with kisses of his mouth,

for your love is better than wine,

3better than the fragrance of your perfumes.

Your name is a flowing perfume—

therefore young women love you.

4 Draw me after you! Let us run!

The king has brought me to his bed chambers.

Let us exult and rejoice in you;

let us celebrate your love: it is beyond wine!

Rightly do they love you!

Song of Songs, Michael Cook Song of Songs, Michael Cook

The Song of Songs begins powerfully with stunning, melodious poetry capturing the intoxicating emotions romantic love evokes. Our ancient Israelite ancestors in faith recognized and respected the depth and power of the arresting sensations that suffuse the body and soul when one is struck by the arrows of eros. These emotions are to be honored, sanctified, and celebrated, for they are a share in God’s divine energy, the energy which drives creation and communion. Romantic, erotic longings are spiritual in nature; are constitutive of our spiritual selves. That the Song of Songs was included in the canon of scripture, and begins in such an evocative way is a testament to the awe, wonder, sacredness with which ancient Israel paid to the romantic impulses of the human heart.