Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Journey?
A Journey is a series of daily Scripture messages that you create with the JourneyMaker platform. Each day’s message consists of a Scripture passage as well as commentary text, audio files, videos, or images. Individuals in your audience will then be able to subscribe to your Journeys via SMS or email and will receive each day’s message on their phone or in their inbox.
What is a Community?
A community is your online community that hosts all of the Journeys that you create. JourneyMaker provides you with your own website that lists all of the Journeys that you have created and makes it easy for your audience to subscribe to your Journeys.
How much does it Cost?
JourneyMaker is free to use and always will be.
Can I embed in my website?
Absolutely! Look for the "Embed this Journey" at the bottom of the Journey's page.
Can I add my branding?
Yes, you are able to upload your logo and other imagery to your community website so that your audience will know exactly who the Journey was created by.
Can I change colors?
Changing colors on your community website is not possible at this point. If you have any further questions about customization, you can contact us at
What languages are available?
Currently JourneyMaker is only available in English, but we are going to be adding multiple new languages in the near future.

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